This is the forest primeval.



It is what the stars are made of, what the universe was built on and because we are all one in the same, it is what we are made of. It is our essence. It is the base on which our souls are resting. If we listen carefully, it is where we are guided to instinctively. Isn’t that wonderful? It pulsates in a rhythm and keeps its own time. It’s like a child begging for attention and even more profoundly, it begs for that attention to be reciprocated. It wants to be easy and unencumbered. It wants simply to exist. 


I have the best job in the world and I’m addicted to it. I am witness to two people living in and vibrating at the height of the most phenomenal feeling of all and not only do I get to watch it happen, I get to tell the story through my lens, capture the beauty of the tiny moments that, strung together, make up one of the most important days in the lives of two people. It is an utter joy to watch a chapter in the story unfold before my eyes, before my camera. My intention, as your photographer, is to hand you a collection of images that you treasure for years to come and pass down from generation to generation.  Not only because they are beautiful but because they transport you back to a specific moment in time and are a remarkable reflection of the profoundest emotion that we experience as human beings. How astounding it is to fall into the gravitational pull of a fantastic love story. Do you remember where you were when you first looked at your partner and felt that rush of love? Where did it press into you first? What were you doing at the time? 

My love, Evan, first told me he loved me while we were sitting on a bench outside of an ice cream shop. I had an itch on my nose so I leaned over and, ever so casually, used his mustache as a scratching post.  He blurted out; “I love you.” Evan lived in Burlington, Vermont and I in Boston when we first met. I fell in love with him through epic saga-like emails that were our 21st century version of 18th century love letters. Every morning I would wake up anxious and excited wondering, will he email today? What will he say?   His words danced around my computer screen like the most perfect symphony. He is a beautiful writer. One day I will turn our courting emails into a handbound book to treasure for years to come.. Our first phone conversation lasted four hours. Our second lasted twelve. We giggled over the similarity in our names and the fact that our parents live in towns bearing the same name but in different states, and that we were both raised by musicians. So many coincidences.  In those early days, over the phone, we took each other on adventures to our favorite coffee shops and restaurants using only our voices. “When you get off the train, make a right and walk down two blocks, I’m in the cafe on the corner...” We were silly and slowly, slowly falling in love. Every day with him is an education on what it is to really love somebody. It astounds me how far we will go for the other and what we are both willing to do to keep our love divine and whole. I love our story and I love seeing two other people experience their love in their own way. It’s all so lovely.  

 I see photographing a wedding like telling a magical and beautiful narrative. It’s not about a carbon copy cookie cutter wedding of perfection it’s about the beauty in the little moments, perhaps the imperfect moments, the real moments.  It’s about capturing the wide mouthed laughter and the tears and the environment that surrounds you and everything in between. It's not about a single photograph, it's the collective experience that tells your unique story. 


So, what’s your story? I would love to help tell it; beautifully, simply, in a way that captures you, perfectly. 

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