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Evan first told me he loved me while we were sitting on a bench outside of an ice cream shop. I had an itch on my nose so I leaned over and, ever so casually, used his mustache as a scratching post.  He blurted out; “I love you.” Evan lived in Burlington, Vermont and I in Boston when we first met. I fell in love with him through epic saga-like emails that were our 21st century version of 18th century love letters. Every morning I would wake up anxious and excited wondering, will he email today? What will he say? His words danced around my computer screen like the most perfect symphony. He is a beautiful writer. One day I will turn our courting emails into a handbound book to treasure for years to come.. Our first phone conversation lasted four hours. Our second lasted twelve. We bonded over the similarity in our names and the fact that our parents live in towns bearing the same name but in different states, and that we were both raised by musicians. So many coincidences.  In those early days, over the phone, we took each other on adventures to our favorite coffee shops and restaurants using only our voices. “When you get off the train, make a right and walk down two blocks, I’m in the cafe on the corner...” We were silly and slowly, slowly falling in love. Every day with him is an education on what it is to really love somebody. It astounds me how far we will go for the other and what we are both willing to do to keep our relationship whole. I love our story and I love seeing two other people experience their love in their own way. 

I shoot many weddings alone but he is never too far away. For those that wish for two photographers he is the crème de la crème, the jelly to my toast, the wine glass to my rosé, the peas to my carrots. The truth is, we work together really well. Some of my favorite moments with him happen when I look up and see him peeking up at me from behind his camera. My heart still skips a beat.


Evangeline loves to hike hills and wade through water to get the perfect shot. Evan is often found climbing roofs. Just look up, chances are you'll see him.

Evangeline likes to have adventures on available weekends and Evan will do anything so long as there is a latte and lots (and lots) of food involved.

Evan in an avid snowboarder and Evangeline will only go if Evan promises to carry her off the lift. Every. Single. Time.

Evangeline wants to do the six mile hike down into the bottom of the Grand Canyon again and so does Evan, even though they "almost died" last time.

Evan plays guitar and sings bad pop music while Evangeline dances.

Evangeline dreams of photographing an elopement in Patagonia and
Evan dreams of shooting in South Africa.

Evan feels he is the luckiest man alive and she couldn't agree more.


On one of our favorite hikes in Los Angeles. Photo taken by Evan.

On one of our favorite hikes in Los Angeles. Photo taken by Evan.