About me…

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But hey, this is really about you.

How exciting is it that you’ve finally found your person, the one you want to share your life with!

Welcome to most amazing adventure of all: marriage. I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably a bit nervous about having your photo taken. You hate those forced posed photos that you see everywhere, that’s just not you at all, but you worry that you might feel a little awkward and not know what to do. Trust me- 99% of my clients tell me the same thing. It’s literally my job to help you feel so comfortable with me that you might even forget I have a camera in my hand. You want all of the beautiful moments of your day captured in a way that is SO YOU, you cherish documentary style candids the most. The photos that make you feel something, the ones that transport you in time. The ones of you and your partner being carefree and in love, that moment they look at you that makes your heart skip a beat, your community that supports you, the beautiful environment that surrounds you. I’m here for the couples who don’t take themselves too seriously, who love to travel together. I’m here for those having adventurous weddings in the middle of the woods just as much as I’m here for the lovers who cherish the idea of getting married in the backyard of their family home because it’s so nostalgic. Your wedding experience is a once in a lifetime event and you want someone you can trust, someone who has experience and a great happy vibe that puts you at ease. Well, that’s me. Read all about me next….

Okay, about me.

I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world

I’ve always wandered my own path in life and while admittedly I love beautiful things I would choose a beautiful experience over a possession every single time...the idea of being stuck behind a desk stashing away money so I can travel once I retire sounds like my own personal hell. I believe that life is short and it’s meant to be liven to the fullest right now. This is especially true after experiencing a mind-blowing trauma in 2018. Because pain is an inevitable part of life, something that we don’t have control over but we can choose what we do with that pain. I’m choosing to let my tragedy fuel me, ignite me, to guide me back to my roots and find myself again. For me, nothing makes me feel more alive than travel and love. Friend, I’m on a healing journey and I’m healing through you. Celebrating your love unabashedly, giving you every last piece of my heart through the tool of my camera is THE MOST MAGICAL HEALING OF ALL. Look, you probably won't find me jumping out of airplanes or climbing Mt Everest (base camp in an alternate life…) but hiking below the rim of the Grand Canyon? Yes. Daydreaming about my next adventure? Yes, yes. Sneaking into 5-star hotel pools in the middle of the night? That was for my 20s...

If you’re a little nervous about doing your wedding your own way-I hear you it can be tough to take that leap when society (and the wedding industry) has been telling you it should be this way or that. But know that you’re in good hands with me as I’m practically a professional rule breaker.

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