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I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world

Okay, I realize not everyone wants to move out of their parent's house at age 16 and take off living across the country bopping around New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago all by the wee age of 25. Or travel solo at 21 to Costa Rica to learn how to surf for a week but extend their trip on a whim because they want to see the other side of the country with their new British mate Simon that they met the week before… who still texts me on my birthday every year. Or be told that they should follow a set of steps before becoming a wedding photographer but go against the grain and photograph your first wedding the following month….

But my point is I’ve always wandered my own path in life and while admittedly I love beautiful things I would choose a beautiful experience over a possession every single time...the idea of being stuck behind a desk stashing away money so I can travel once I retire sounds like my own personal hell. I believe that life is short and it’s meant to be liven to the fullest right now. Look, you probably won't find me jumping out of airplanes or climbing Mt Everest (base camp in an alternate life…) but hiking below the rim of the Grand Canyon? Yes. Skinny dipping whenever I get the chance? Yes, yes. Sneaking into 5-star hotel pools in the middle of the night? That was for my 20s...

If you’re a little nervous about doing your wedding your own way-I hear you it can be tough to take that leap when society has been telling you it should be this way or that. But know that you’re in good hands with me as I’m practically a professional rule breaker.

I’ve never had a client who did what they wanted and made their own traditions regret it.


I have lost my own way in the world, and have had to come back to the truth of who I am, what I stand for and who I want to be for both myself and my daughter with a strength I could never have fathomed.

Which brings me here to this fundamental truth.

We’ve all had our hearts broken.

However, no amount of heartbreak
prepared me for the pain I went through last year.

I won’t go into details because the details don’t matter.

What’s important is how it changed me, how it altered the road of myself and my daughter's life and ultimately how it helps me serve you.

Instead of looking at it as the year everything fell apart I decided to spin our tragedy into gold.

Because pain is an inevitable part of life, something that we don’t have control over but we can choose what we do with that pain.

I’m choosing to let my tragedy fuel me, ignite me, to guide me back to my roots and find myself again.

For me, nothing makes me feel more alive
than travel and love.

Friend, I’m on a healing journey and I’m healing through you.

Celebrating your love unabashedly, giving you every last piece of my heart through the tool of my camera is


Getting to know you and your story and hearing the excitement in your voices as you describe your dream location and decisions behind why you’re doing your wedding your way. The process of helping guide you towards having a day that is truly yours. Watching your eyes twinkle as you look at each other, feeling that love radiating off you as the sun sets over the mountains, scent of moss and pine. Inhaling the salty sea exhaling your vows the only other sound is the roar of the waves against the shore. Traveling on a plane to foreign lands adventuring hand in hand your excitement as you discover all of the new sights and tastes for the first time, together. Capturing all of this with my camera.

You inspire me.  

So think of me as Elizabeth Gilbert writing my own version of Eat Pray Love as I travel all over this gorgeous country and the world camera in hand, photographing the experience of your love.

Thank you for showing me the beauty of our world and reminding me that true love really does exist and that we should all be so lucky
to find it out there.

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