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Acadia National Park

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so you've decided to

Rocky coastline, forest, mountain tops, lake’s and the Roaring atlantic ocean encompass the epic and wildly diverse landscape to elope Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine.

Couple in wedding attire hugging on a log in Jordan Pond Forest
Couple in wedding attire climbing Cadillac Mountain in Maine
Couple exchanging rings on Otter Cliffs in Maine on a foggy day

4 Great Reasons to Elope in Acadia

Moody elopement in Maine. Couple in wedding attire standing on rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Both the Forest and Ocean


Imagine saying vows on top of a mountain overlooking the magical forest below or on the pink granite rocks at Otter Cliffs. There's something really special about being immersed in the natural beauty of Maine with bald eagles soaring above as you summit one of the many trails or as you meander your way to a hidden beach to watch the sunset. When you elope in Acadia mountain, forest, and ocean views are all possible!

Acadia National Park brings all of the drama on the East Coast

A relatively small National Park but no shortage of gorgeous landscapes and things to do.

Gorgeous Views with Minimal Effort


When you elope Acadia National Park you have over 47,000 acres of natural beauty to choose from. From easy strolls to challenging hikes with gorgeous views there’s an elopement location for every nature and outdoor loving couple. One of the biggest benefits of choosing Acadia is that you don't *have* to do a difficult hike in order to get the best views. You can choose a location that is a short hike or even just a casual walk to epic beauty! The key is finding the lesser known trails (hint that's where I come in!)

• epic sunrises

• Serene

incredible natural beauty

Great Restaurants and Hotels


excellent dining options

beautiful foliage in fall

Acadia is in Bar Harbor which has tons of great restaurants that go beyond the lobster Maine is known for. It offers both luxury inn's right in town and remote cabins as well as glamping if you want to feel more secluded. There's a place to stay in every budget but many of the best ones book far in advance so reserve early, if possible.

• romantic

• ocean views

• great sailing

You Can Honeymoon Too!


Do you have specific questions about how to elope in maine? I can help. Reach Out to me!

Maine is knowns for it's quaint seaside towns and beautiful lakes which make it a lovely place to honeymoon or mini-moon after your elopement! You could rent a cabin at one of the Belgrade lakes, take a road trip down the coast stopping at a few beach downs along the way, or discover some epic waterfalls to swim in (pssst ask me about my favorite!), or simply extend your time in Bar Harbor and explore more of the park.

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Imagine saying your vows here

couple eloping at Otter Point Cliffs in Acadia National Park

Where to elope in Acadia?

There are so many beautiful places but THESE ARE some of THE MOST MESMERIZING PLACES TO elope acadia national park.

i've been photographing and hiking in acadia for years and i'm always discovering new trails. the hidden, secluded and secret spots are exclusive for my clients and part of my offerings when we work together.

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When should we elope in Acadia?


wedding couple sitting on rocks at Jordan Pond in Acadia in Fall during Foliage season




Less crowds and flowers start to bloom you may see fields of wild Lupine everywhere! The weather can still be crispy but a wonderful time to spot wildlife. Shops and restaurants start to open their doors for the season.

A very popular time to visit expect a large amount of crowds. The weather is warm and the whole island is in full swing!

What are Maine's marriage laws?

  • You both have to be at least 18 years old.
  • You DON’T have to be a Maine resident.
  • There’s no waiting period and your license is valid for 90 days.
  • You must have at least two witnesses.
  • $40 for the marriage license

Do we need a special event permit?

  • Yes you need a permit if you have more than 10 people and you have the options of these pre approved sites for 10-50 people. Note: You do not need a permit if you have under 10 people and there are *limitless options for locations
  • Cadillac Mountain - 20 (No ceremonies during sunrise or sunset.)A Vehicle Reservation is required to drive the Cadillac Summit Road May 25 through Oct 22, 2022.
    Sand Beach - up to 30 people
  • Ocean Drive - up to 30 people
  • Otter Cliff - up to 20 people
  • Otter Point - up to 30
  • Fabbri Picnic Area - up to 30
  • Little Hunters Beach - up to 20
  • Seawall Picnic Area -up to 35
  • Thompson Island - up to 50
  • Schoodic Point - up to 25
  • Frazer Point Picnic Area - up to 50
A Candid Moment of Bride And Groom Popping Champagne on a Dock in Bar Harbor Maine

How do we get to Acadia National Park?

Bangor International Airport is only 10 minutes away but you can also fly into Portland, Maine in a little over 3 hours or Boston's Logan Airport, which is almost a 5 hour drive and do a road trip up the coast.

What are some fun things you can do on your wedding day in Acadia?

Couple sitting on a sailboat at sunset with champage cuddling in wedding outfits

Have a picnic on the mountain summit

Night Sky Stargazing

Watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain

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