The Sunset Restaurant Malibu Beach Elopement | Rebecca + Zach

Location: Malibu, California
Venue: The Sunset Restaurant

Rebecca and Zach got married on a monday morning surrounded by a small group of their nearest and dearest. It was a perfect day in Malibu for an elopement; overcast skies gave way to eventual sunshine that made the ocean sparkle in the distance. The beach was quiet with barely anyone else visible but the dolphins seen in the distance. 

There is something so special about being invited to photograph an elopement. I feel especially honored when clients choose me because there is a profound intimacy that comes along with photographing them. Sometimes I'm one of only ten other people there. Other times I am the only other person there. One of my favorite aspects of elopements is the portrait element. We have plenty of time to roam around and have fun without the time constraints that often come along with more traditional weddings.