Point Dume Malibu Beach Sunrise Anniversary Session | Alice Ann + Casey

Location: Malibu, California

Sunrise is one of my favorite times of the day. That dark blue light that gradually lifts over time. Usually giving way to spectacular colors as the sun finally makes its way over the horizon. It's worth waking up for.

I met Alice Ann and Casey through one of my favorite couples Grace and Chris, whom I also convinced to do a sunrise engagement session in Big Sur a few years ago. A few months after their wedding Chris emailed me and said his old college friend had recently moved to Santa Monica with his wife and thought we should connect. Well, we did and have been friends ever since. She's one of the most creative and generous women I know, always looking for her next project and next adventure.

We woke at 4am to hit the road to Malibu to watch the sunrise and capture a little bit of what their love looks right now-after 10 years of being in love and right in the middle of their California adventure. Instead of a clear sunrise we were met with clouds and fog which, if you know me, is actually my favorite kind of weather. There is nothing more romantic than a foggy beach day.