Magical Santa Barbara Courthouse Elopement and sunset at the Four Seasons Biltmore Butterfly Beach

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Venue: Santa Barbara Courthouse + Four Seasons Biltmore

Katie + Paul’s elopement is one of my favorite days.

When I walked into the Biltmore to catch Katie getting ready her mama ran up to me and gave me a big ole hug and exclaimed, “I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity, it’s like I know you because of Instagram!!”. I pretty much thought that was the cutest thing ever because yeah she’s right she does know me! I’ve been so open and vulnerable on the ‘gram over the past few years so it was nice to hear she felt connected to me. We chatted, I observed, I documented, we laughed, they cried, I helped open multiple bottles of champagne. We piled into their rental car and sped our way through the streets of Santa Barbara to the courthouse. It was a blissfully gray day with very little people around town so it felt like we had the whole grounds to ourselves.

After their ceremony Paul and Katie and I meandered around The Biltmore pausing for cocktails at the bar, exploring the pool, and finishing up at sunset on Butterfly Beach popping some Veuve.