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Sunset Engagement on Venice Beach | Jessica + Josh

Location: Venice Beach

Sometimes I forget how beautiful the sunsets on Venice Beach are and, believe it or not I haven't spent much time there as of late, even though it's a quick little walk away. I love nothing more than traveling to hard to reach hikes or beaches for engagement sessions but sometimes there's no better place than home. 

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Big Sur Sunrise Engagement Shoot | Grace + Chris

Location: Big Sur, California

Grace and Chris are adventurers.

 I woke at 4am in Monterey and drove down the coast in the dark to meet Grace and Chris at Big Sur Bakery. From there we headed to the beach and touched upon the sand at roughly 6:30 am, while the sand was still cool and damp, just before the sun came up. We had the beach all to ourselves. 

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San Francisco Sunrise Engagement | Jennifer + Bill

Location: San Francisco

Jennifer and Bill are such an adventurous and fun loving couple that when I emailed Jen asking if they would be interested in meeting with me at 5:45 am at Twin Peaks for their engagement session, she replied "YES!".  No questions and no hesitation.  

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