Intimate Dinner Party Adventurous Elopement at a Private Estate in Ojai California

Location: Ojai, California

Cathy, a travel and adventure lover was sitting on an airplane one day flying across the country when she started chatting with the stranger sitting next to her. They spoke for hours about every topic under the sun. They shared stories, they laughed, they bonded over their mutual love of travel discussing all of the countries they have wandered to and the ones they hope to explore…and the rest, as they say, was history. Well, sort of.

The stranger sitting next to Cathy wasn’t her future husband Jason but was a lovely woman who is married to a pilot. She told her that because she loved to travel so much she should really start dating one herself! So when Cathy got home she logged onto her apps and started looking for pilots…and then she met Jason. One year later we met in Ojai where they rented a private estate and hired a chef to cater a yummy meal for their ten guests. Their wedding day was relaxed and intimate, sweet and personal.

Jason tried to convince Cathy to jump into the pool fully clothed at sunset. She refused but he persisted. Who do you think prevailed?

Photographer: Evangeline Lane // Venue: Private Estate // Catering: Private Chef Robin //