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Burnt Sienna and Dusty Rose Modern + Boho Fall Wedding Inspiration in Downtown Los Angeles
Romantic Bohemian at Stonewall Ranch in Malibu | Andi + Brett

Location: Malibu, California
Venue: Stonewall Ranch

I had the pleasure of working with some of my favorite female boss ladies (and one lovely man) at the new gorgeous venue in Malibu called Stonewall Ranch. This place is set on acres and acres of land purchased in the 70s, back when Malibu was full of hippies and farmers. Karen, the owner of the property told me her first date with her husband was riding horses through his land on the full moon. So yeah you could say that there are major romantic vibes happening here.

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The Ruin Venue Joshua Tree Elopement Inspiration | Tawny + Albert

Location: Joshua Tree, California

The desert around Joshua Tree is so dreamy with beautiful light and epic sunsets. There is a stillness there. A peaceful calm that washes over you. The beauty and wonder of nature surrenders to the quiet of night lit only by the miles and miles of stars in the sky.

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Lake Champlain Burlington Vermont Bohemian Moody Elopement

Vermont in winter is a beautiful sight. So beautiful that I decided to do an inspiration shoot while we were visiting, as it's natural beauty is the perfect backdrop. We arrived expecting blankets of snow covering every inch but found slightly bearable weather and no snow whatsoever. Not even a thin layer. So, my vision changed and the Wuthering Heights inspiration shoot was born.

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