Location: Playa del Rey


I first met Chrissy and Aaron over coffee at Tom's on Abbot Kinney.  Tom's as in the shoe company who is helping save the world buy their "sell a pair give a pair" concept.  Yes, they offer coffee as well.  We chatted in their awesome outdoor patio that has a fire pit, stadium style seating, and astroturf flooring. It was the perfect space to talk about their wedding and engagement session ideas.  I learned a few things about them that day:  Aaron is a warm and generous dude who loves flannel and has great hair and Chrissy is as sweet as she is beautiful and has an affinity for vintage-old timey things and DIY, though she hasn't had much time to create anything lately.  They are smitten with one another.  Both Aaron and Chrissy have a depth to them that can only be explained as being "old souls".  One look into their eyes and you'll know what I mean.  Oh, and they love beer.  Like, a lot.

This engagement session was featured on Junebug Weddings.

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