Elopement Style Guide for Adventurous Weddings

Elopement dress ideas

Considerations when planning your adventure elopement outfit:


Consider the environment you’ll be in during your elopement. Personally I love dresses with movement and flow. They look EPIC while perched on top of a cliff of a mountain when the wind picks up. They are playful and easy to move in which helps if you’re hiking or doing any type of walking during your elopement.


If you’re thinking of eloping on the beach or a warm location then look gor lighter fabrics, short sleeves or sleeveless to keep you cool. Are you planning on having a sunrise elopement? This is one of my favorite times of day but it’s also when it’s the coolest temperature wise. You can always add layers to stay cozy but it’s something to consider when planning your elopement. You want to be comfortable! If you’re eloping in the winter or in a cold climate then look at long sleeve dresses and bringing along some nude stockings to wear under your dress or suit. Puffers, hand warmers and gloves can also keep you warm as you’re walking in between taking photos.


What do you want your elopement to feel like? Romantic? A little wild and untamed? Simple and casual? Or maybe untraditional is more your thing with a wedding jumpsuit. Think about what words come to mind when you think of your wedding and pick a wedding dress that fits!

Another important factor to consider is staying true to your own style. One of the best things about eloping is getting back to basics: the love that brought you there! So pick a dress that looks and feels LIKE YOU. An outfit that makes you feel like your best most beautiful self.

Eco-friendly Wedding Dress idea: Sustainable Elopement Wedding Dress

If you’re a conscious consumer then you should look into finding a wedding dress made by a small company or individual that share similar values

Etsy has some really amazing options and they are all made lovingly by hand by one person or a small team so you can look good AND feel good about your choice!

Reformation Made in LA with sustainable fabrics AND affordable.

Rent the Runway- Why not rent an elopement dress?

Once Wed– Has an incredible collection of used wedding dresses.

Christy Dawn– Made in LA, simple and lovely.

Poshmark– You can find beautiful gently used wedding dresses for great prices

Simple Wedding Dress Ideas: Minimalist Wedding Dress

Modern minimalist dresses are beautiful for an elopement and I think work really well in nature and outdoor locations. The simplicity of the dress is juxtaposed by the drama of your surroundings.
Check out:
ReevBridal– made in Ukraine she offers incredible minimalist wedding dresses

Boho Elopement Dress: Lace Wedding Dress

Bohemian elopement ideas for the free-spirited! Boho elopement dresses have lots of lace, dramatic sleeves and cuts, and usually tons of effortless movement.
Some of my favorite bohemian wedding dress brands:
Rue de Seine
Daughters of Simone

Nontraditional Wedding Dress idea: Wedding Jumpsuits

Personally, I’m a HUGE fan of wearing a jumpsuit when you elope! It’s chic and untraditional and huge bonus that you can wear it after on date nights or brunch or wherever.
Where to shop:
ASOS– They have a great selection of bridal jumpsuits and dresses and super affordable prices.
Etsy– When in doubt, always check Etsy

Same-Sex Wedding Fashion: Genderqueer Wedding Outfit ideas

Boys can wear floral crowns and womxn can wear suits, both feminine and masculine styles. There are no rules. I think it’s SO important that you wear what you want on your wedding day and thankfully the wedding industry has started to become way more inclusive (finally!) with many new stylish brands popping up for Queer engaged folks. Here are some of my favorites:

Bindle & Keep– suits for every body

Sharp Suiting– a trans owned business with stylish suits

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