Elopement Myths

Elopement Myths

Why eloping is the best decision ever.

Are you wondering what does it mean to elope? Years ago elopements meant running off to city hall or to the Vegas strip, often fueled by necessity and not by choice. Now elopements have become an intentional decision for couples who want an intimate stress-free and totally relaxed elopement timeline focused on the two of them in a wildly meaningful and beautiful location.

We are living in extraordinary times right now. I understand that some of you reading this may be making the decision to elope because of this but I assure you that elopements aren’t second best. 

In my opinion eloping is THE best way to get married.

So, what is an elopement?

An elopement is for couples who want to celebrate their relationship in a way that feels good and that feels right for them. It’s a wedding but minus all of the pressure, minus all of the “stuff” and stripped down to what brought you two together- hint your love! When you elope you create space to truly connect with your partner and have an elopement timeline filled with meaningful activities and at some point in your adventure, surrounded by the beauty of nature you commit your lives to each other.

Elopement Myths 

Myth # 1-Elopements aren’t special.

Actually elopements are REALLY special and romantic, like the most magical beautiful day you can imagine because it’s completely about the two of you..

Myth #2-Elopements are last minute.

Planning an elopement in advance is common. Because you’re saving money vs having a traditional wedding you have more opportunity to dream BIG! You can plan for the biggest adventure and include your honeymoon in the plans, so imagine epic landscapes and the outdoors. Think National Parks, The Redwood forest, rolling beach dunes, or camping at a location you’ve been dying to visit. The possibilities are endless.  Most of my clients book me between 3-12 months in advance.

Myth #3-We can’t invite anyone to our elopement.

Eloping doesn’t mean you can’t invite the people you love! Your marriage is worth celebrating if it’s just the two of you or with some of your loved ones. When you elope with me you can have up to 20 guests with you.

Myth #5-Elopements are selfish.

Ugh I hate this myth.! It’s your wedding day it should be what YOU want it to be, not anyone else. At first, you might have some disappointed friends and family members but ultimately they will support you knowing that it’s what you want.

Myth #6-Elopements are simple and cheap.

You get to decide how elaborate you want to go, remember you are spending money on things that are important to YOU. Have you been dreaming about staying in that beautiful Airbnb you’ve been eying for years? Or maybe you want to hire a private chef to make you dinner by the moonlight. While not cheap, chances are you can have ALL of your dream items when you elope and still spend less than a big cookie-cutter wedding.

Myth #7-We have to hire a stranger to marry us.

Actually, it’s very easy to get ordained so you can have a good friend or family member do it for you. I’m ordained too and offer this to the clients that want to basically self-solemnize and have me sign their license to make it official. This is especially helpful for couples who want to keep their elopement completely private (fur animals are always invited, obvs).

The truth about elopements:

An elopements timeline is:

Relaxed and laid-back.
Romantic and intimate.
Meaningful and emotional.
Better for our planet.
Sustainable and conscious.
As adventurous as you want it to be.

What does an elopement timeline look like?

I encourage you guys to sit down and think about what your favorite things to do together are. Do you love camping? Are you big foodies? Craft beer lovers?  Imagine saying vows on the cliffs above a beach or with sweeping views of mountains at sunset. Maybe you want to do road trips and stay in an awesome Airbnb? Think about how you envision your wedding day to start. Perhaps you wake up together and start your day with a pour-over and pastry from your favorite local bakery. So many dreamy options.

All-day elopement timeline coverage.

Your elopement is an experience.. It’s not a photo shoot that’s just about taking some beautiful photos of you saying your vows in front of an epic landscape. It deserves to be documented from start to finish, not just a couple of hours. At the end of the day, all you have left is your memories and your photos are what become your legacy.


1:00 pm – Getting ready at your glamping tent in the Redwood forest

  • Read letters from friends and family

2:00 pm – “First Look “among the Redwood trees
3:00 pm – Hop in your vintage rental car, leave for the beach
stop along the way for epic portraits on the coast and enjoy your favorite craft beer.4:30 pm – Arrive at the secret location and scout the perfect area to have your ceremony, explore and adventure around
5:30 pm- Enjoy a beach picnic with all of your favorite snacks.
6: 30 pm – Ceremony time! Say your vows to each other with only the sounds of waves gently crashing below
7:00 pm – First dance on the beach
7:30 pm – Portraits 
8:00 pm – Sunset time portraits
8:30 pm – Pop champagne and share a couple of slices of your favorite pie
9:00 pm- Head back to the glamping site, photo coverage ends


12:00 pm- Private yoga session together.
1:00 pm – Getting ready together at your treehouse Airbnb, have a Zoom toast with friends & family.
2:00 pm – “First Look “ by the river.
3:00 pm – Hop on your motorcycle, leave for Smith Rock stop along the way for epic portraits along the way.
4:30 pm – Arrive at Smith Rock State Park, hike and adventure around.
5:30 pm- Enjoy a picnic with a local Oregon charcuterie board.
6: 30 pm – Ceremony time! Say your vows to each other.
7:00 pm – First dance by the cliffs.
7:30 pm – Sunset time
8:00 pm- Sunset portraits
8:30- Head back to treehouse Airbnb.
9:00 pm- Pop champagne next to the fire pit and enjoy a private chef dinner under the stars.
10:00 pm- Photo coverage wraps.


8:00 am- Meet at the trailhead.
8:30 am- Start the short hike to the waterfall, stopping along the way.
9:00 am- Arrive at the waterfall, explore and adventure around.
10:00 am-Jump in and swim under the falls.
10:30 am- Enjoy pastries and cold brew from a local baker.
11:30 am- Head back along the river.
12:00 pm- Coverage wraps.

1:00 pm – Getting ready at your Airbnb cabin in the forest with a small group of your friends and family.
2:00 pm – “First Look “among the trees.
3:00 pm – Hop in your vintage rental car and head to the mountain.
3:30 pm- Arrive at the trailhead and take the easy path to the top, stopping along the way 
4:30 pm – Arrive at the summit and scout the perfect area to have your ceremony, meet your guests who are waiting for you
5:30 pm- Enjoy a picnic and craft beer with your guests overlooking the valley
6: 30 pm – Ceremony time! Say your vows to each other 
7:00 pm – Photos of you with your guests (they depart after)
7:30 pm – Relax and take in the beautiful views 
8:00 pm – Sunset time – Alpenglow photos
8:30- Head to the intimate farm-to-table restaurant for your celebration dinner
9:00 pm- Meet your guests under the canopy of twinkle lights, pop champagne, listen to toasts
10:00 pm- First dance under the glow of the moon and the stars
11:00 pm- Coverage wraps

Hire an experienced photographer to help guide you!

So you’ve made it this far that must mean you’re seriously considering eloping! I want you to know that no one ever regrets eloping. Now it’s super important to hire a photographer who has experience with not only photographing elopements but also planning them. When you hire an experienced photographer they will help you with location scouting, timelines, and personalized vendor recommendations that will help you have a stress-free wedding day!

If you want to read more about the experience working with me check this page out. Have more questions? Feel free to contact me!

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