Glen Oaks Elopement Venue – Get Married at Glen Oaks Big Sur

If you’re eloping in Big Sur, one of your options for cozy, intimate elopement venues is Glen Oaks – a gorgeous resort that’s rustic and whimsical, but modern and elegant, with lodges, cottages, and cabins. It’s an incredibly romantic place to get married, and this guide will tell you all about the Glen Oaks elopement venue, to help you plan your dreamy day amongst the redwoods!

What’s in This Glen Oaks Elopement Guide

Location of the Glen Oaks Elopement Venue

Location is, of course, important when deciding to elope and when choosing an elopement venue, and Glen Oaks is in a perfect spot along the coast of Northern California. Glen Oaks is right off of Highway 1, about 45 minutes south of Carmel-by-the-Sea and 15 minutes north of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur. 

Glen Oaks is on a portion of highway that’s slightly inland, nestled amongst groves of redwood trees, right next to the Big Sur River. 

The Best Time for a Glen Oaks Elopement

Glen Oaks is located in an area that’s known for rain and mud, but luckily that’s not the case all year round! In general, the best time to tie the knot at the Glen Oaks elopement venue is late spring, or early fall.

Winters are very rainy, and while it doesn’t get terribly cold, it does get wet and muddy! Storms can sometimes cause mud slides and road closures, and since there’s only one road leading to Glen Oaks, this can become an issue. However, Glen Oaks is pretty far north, and road closures typically happen in the more remote areas further south. Winter does have a few advantages, like cheaper travel costs and lodging prices, and fewer people around. 

Spring can still be a little unpredictable and rainy, but later in the season is a perfect time to elope at Glen Oaks. The weather is warm, and there will be fewer people around, both at the venue and around Big Sur if you want to do some exploring, before the summer crowds arrive.

Summer is absolutely beautiful at Glen Oaks, with warm weather and more sunny days. This is the busiest season, so you can expect higher prices and more people, as the weather brings a lot of travelers to the area.

Early fall is perfect for an elopement, as the weather is still good, and the summer crowds disperse. September and October are often even sunnier than the summer months, as there’s less fog hanging out over the rocky coast! It starts getting rainier in November, but early fall is incredible for an elopement at Glen Oaks.

Elopement Ceremony Venues at Glen Oaks 

When you tie the knot at Glen Oaks, you have a few options for where you can have your ceremony.

Fairy Circle 

The first option is ideal for elopements with a few guests, because the Fairy Circle can host up to 20 people! The site is in a circle of redwood trees, with light filtering through the tree canopy. It’s a private spot amongst the towering trees, and absolutely dreamy. 

An elopement ceremony in the Fairy Circle at Glen Oaks. A cuple is standing next to a redwood tree, with 7 guests around them.

Redwood Grove

The Redwood Grove is a bigger ceremony site, for up to 100 people. The grassy open lawn above the river is surrounded by redwood and willow trees, and is quiet and gorgeous for couples planning a bigger event.

Anywhere at Glen Oaks!

If you’re having a truly intimate event, with just the two of you, you can elope anywhere on the Glen Oaks property. You just need to book a room or a cabin, and you won’t need to rent a site for your ceremony! You can choose any spot on the property to exchange vows, as long as you have no more than four people at your elopement (including the photographer and officiant and any other vendors).

Booking a site does ensure that you’ll have total privacy, since the property is open to any guests that are staying there that day. If you book either the Fairy Circle or Redwood Grove, those areas will be reserved just for you! 

A couple sitting on the stairs in front of a cabin at Glen Oaks. They're wearing their elopement attire, smiling at the camera.

Elopement Reception Venues at Glen Oaks 

If you want to have a reception with some loved ones at Glen Oaks as well, there are a few options at the Roadhouse, which is the restaurant right across the street from the hotel.

Back Patio

For couples inviting guests, the back patio of the Roadhouse is a great place to host a small reception after the ceremony. This is an outdoor open air option, and can accommodate up to 50 people – 40 if you want to have a dance floor.


You can also book the entire restaurant for your reception – this is usually best for couples planning a bigger wedding, but can also be good for couples who want to have a private elopement ceremony and then throw a reception later. The restaurant can host up to 100 people, and this includes the front and back patios as well as the interior of the restaurant. 

Glen Oaks Elopement Venue Cost

Budget is an important factor in planning an elopement, so let’s look at how much it costs to elope at Glen Oaks! 

For elopements where it’s just the couple (four people is the maximum, and this includes your photographer, officiant, and any other vendors), you only have to pay the cost of booking a room or a cabin. You can elope anywhere on the property without paying a site fee! Keep in mind that this means you don’t have a spot reserved just for you – if you want to total privacy, you’ll need to reserve a site. Just make sure to choose “elopement” as your reason for staying when you make the booking!

The cost of lodging at Glen Oaks depends on where you stay – rooms in the lodge range form $300 – $500 per night, while booking one of the cabins costs anywhere from $600 – $3000 per night, with plenty of options in between.

If you do want to rent one of the ceremony sites, prices can depend on the season (it’s less expensive during the low season, from December to March), and how many people. A ceremony at the Fairy Circle starts at $2,000 during the high season, and the Redwood Grove starts at $3,000. For a reception, the back patio starts at $4,000 while the full restaurant starts at $9,000 – though there is a discount if you book both a ceremony and reception site.

You will also need to pay for lodging if you plan on staying at Glen Oaks as well. 

Keep in mind that these prices are current at the time of writing this, but reach out to Glen Oaks for the most up to date information!

Booking Your Glen Oaks Elopement 

If you’re ready to tie the knot amongst the redwoods, the next step is to book your venue! For elopements with up to four people, all you need to do is book lodging. If you need to reserve a site, reach out to Glen Oaks for availability.

You’ll need a photographer to document it all too, and as someone who works in the area, I’m here to help you with anything you need!

Contact me to learn more about Glen Oaks elopements and elopement packages.

A couple in their elopement attire, standing next to the Big Sur River behind the Glen Oaks venue.

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