Indoor date night ideas to stay connected

We’re all spending a lot more time at home….and that can get to feel a bit boring after a while even while living with your partner! It’s so important for our mental health and our relationships to have quality date nights toreconnect and strengthen your bond.

You don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on your romantic dates together it’s just aboutpivoting them a little, well indoors!

Here are some fun indoor date ideas to stay connected!

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #1: Go Camping in Your Living Room

Build a fort out of sheets and clothespins or pitch a tent if you have one. Put a blow-up mattress inside or, if you don’t have one layer cozy rugs over yoga mats and blankets. Hang string lights inside and out grab a guitar or your current book and pour some wine and get cozy!

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #2: Plan Your Next Adventure

It’s never too soon to start daydreaming and planning where you’re going to travel to next. Sit down and (secretly) writes out your top 3 dream locations to travel to in 2021. Put them in a jar or a basket and shake it all around and the paper you pull is where you’re going!

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #3: Watch a Movie from your Childhood

Pick your favorite nostalgic movie from your youth and take it one step further by pairing it with a comforting snack or meal that you loved from that time period.

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #4: Enjoy the Sunrise or Sunset

Try setting your alarm, grabbing a cup of coffee and your favorite pastry and cuddling up with a blanket to watch the sunrise from your patio (or window). Or take a stroll around your neighborhood at sunset with a glass of wine hidden safely in your Hydroflask (shhhhhh I won’t tell!)

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #5: Learn Something New

Have you ever checked out Creative Live? They offer awesome classes and workshops such as floral arranging, arts & crafts, design, money and business, etc. There’s something for everyone.

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #6: Completely Disconnect, Together

Shut off your phones, the news, power down your laptops and JUST BE together. See what happens when you have a night without any distractions.

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #7: Have an Epic Dance Party!

Here are a couple of ideas: DISCO NIGHT. Dress up, play disco music and wile out! 80s night, Throwback 90s hip hop or 90s r&b, or get sexy with it and play some tango because who knows how to tango? Not me that’s for sure. Dance like no one is watching and just go crazy!

Date Night During Social Distancing Idea #8: The Chopped Challenge

  • Calling all foodies for this one! Don’t you just love Chopped on The Food Network?
  • Buy each other’s mystery ingredients and put in a picnic basket (or reusable bag)
  • Set a timer and start cookin’
  • Taste test to see which dish is yummier and the winner gets a prize!

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