José Ignacio Uruguay Intimate Destination Wedding | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Location: Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
Venue: La Huella

An intimate destination wedding in Jose Ignacio right before summer hits means you basically get the beaches to yourselves. Once summer comes the whole area becomes a hotspot for Argentinians looking for a gorgeous getaway. Whether you’re looking for elopement locations in South America or a beach with a great party and dining scene for your intimate wedding you should add Jose Ignacio to your list.

The first time I had a video call with Jessie and Nathaniel they were sitting in a room in Nathaniel’s family home in Maine with both sets of parents downstairs and meeting for the first time, moments away from telling the whole family that they had wed in secret months prior. You see, eloping on November 4th is a tradition in Jessie’s family. Her grandparents did it as well as her parents. Jessie and Nathaniel are the second generations to elope in secret.

Exactly two years after their secret elopement they had an intimate destination wedding in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay with fifty of their nearest and dearest. They rented a few houses on the same street and guests all piled in for a week-long celebration. Some knew each other, some didn’t, but by the end of the week, everyone was family, including us. There is something magical in the water in Uruguay. Two couples said “I love you” for the first time, romances were rekindled, and one couple got engaged and married a few months after.

I’m often asked which wedding was my favorite to photograph and this one is on the top of the list. Not because it was in a gorgeous location but because of the intimacy and connection we had. They welcomed me with open arms and I was treated like a friend, like a loved one. Because of this everyone let their guard down, and I was able to just document the day unnoticed, like a fly on the wall capturing all of the intimate little moments that happen when you think no one is watching.

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