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If you’re looking to elope in New England than Vermont should be high on your location list. The entire state is filled with natural beauty and mostly forested areas. Home to secret waterfalls and both easy and strenuous hikes to epic views. Perhaps most known for its fall foliage it’s really still beautiful in all seasons, making even winter a good season for an elopement.

If you want to elope in Vermont then consider Lake Champlain in Burlington.  It’s the eighth largest naturally occurring body of freshwater surrounded by forests but also walking distance to the cute little town of Burlington, Vermont.

The lake in winter is a beautiful sight. So beautiful that I decided to do an inspiration shoot while we were visiting, as it’s natural beauty is the perfect backdrop. We arrived expecting blankets of snow covering every inch but found slightly bearable weather and no snow whatsoever. Not even a thin layer. So, my vision changed and I decided to do an elopement on Lake Champlain. The mysterious beauty of the wild forest, the darkness of the harsh winds and mood of the lake, and the drama of winters cold in Vermont reminded me of a classic and romantic love story.

There are so many beautiful spots for an elopement in Vermont with Lake Champlain being one of them.

Model: Leah Varney
Dresses: Sarah Seven
Floral Design: Nectar & Root
Makeup: Jennifer Perellie 
Hair: Bryant Anthony of Salon Eva Michelle
Vintage Rings: Trumpet & Horn
Jewelry Tattoos: Lulu DK

I’m an adventurous elopement and intimate wedding photographer helping couples craft a meaningful experience for their wedding day in nature. I focus on capturing the vibe of your day with all of the little moments that you may not remember are happening and the epic landscape views all over California, New England and beyond.

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