We've been meaning to circle back with you to thank you for photographing our wedding! You were really fabulous to work with, and kept us both feeling comfy and supported. We both really soaked each other up and enjoyed every minute of our day, and a big part of that was feeling so comfortable with you. It was really great to chat with you a bit earlier in the week, and I think it helped us both a lot, so thanks again for taking that time. The photos are GORGEOUS and we're freaking out about them! Seriously - everyone keeps saying how amazing they are, and that they look like they're straight out of a magazine. Couldn't be happier with them!
       <3 Amy and Dan

Finding a wedding photographer that totally gets you and translates your story beautifully can feel like a daunting task. Seriously, every conversation I had with other photographers turned into feeling like I was on a string of terrible Tinder dates. As soon as we spoke to you we knew you were 'the one". You spent 75 minutes listening to our story via a Skype call well before you knew we would become clients. Honestly even if you weren't this loving, caring and meticulous, we might have still booked you based solely on the unbelievable quality of your work. You turned the happiest week of our lives into true, honest-to-God artwork. You managed to find and capture tender moments shared between us and our friends and family members when we thought no one was looking. If I had to describe your shooting style I would describe you as a friendly blonde Ninja who must have your own metaphorical Instagram filter because everything you touch looks better than real life. When you sent our images we drank a bottle of champagne and watched the slideshow on our TV, alternating between tears of laughter and tears of tenderness. I'm still not sure how you did it but you truly encapsulated the outrageous amounts of love and fun that made our wedding so joyous with a sophisticated, fun and wry twist. We will cherish these images for the entirety of our lives. Plus, you made me look damn good!
Jessie and Nathaniel


Can I just tell you that Dustin and I looked at these for three hours last night and I was bawling the entire time . They are so beautiful --you completely captured the mood of the day and looking at these was like being there all over again. This is cheesy, but I remember when I first looked at your photos maybe in April of last year, and was like, "I would be so happy to have an album of photos like these for my wedding"--and now here it is. I am really beside myself and I couldn't be happier with these.  Thank you so so so so much.
xoxoxoxo, Jessica and Dustin

Hi Evangeline, We are absolutely speechless. We were so depressed to be leaving Kauai yesterday and then we got the link the photographs.  It brightened our day and blew our minds. The pictures are breathtaking and we are again at a loss for words other than thank you, thank you, thank you! The things you wrote were so beautiful and touching and we cannot tell you how much we loved working with you. We are still trying to wrap our heads around that insane picture with the smoke. When we looked at your work with Ver we knew your style was exactly what we were looking for and you were the one but I have to say these pictures far exceeded even our highest expectations. You were funny and supportive and rocked the wedding like a badass ninja and we feel so lucky and so blessed that we were able to have you there to capture the best day ever. Thank you for capturing the day, being so patient and kind and for your beautiful words. You  are a class act through and through. . Thank you again for everything. You did a beautiful job and thank you from the bottom of our hearts."-
love, Terri and Lily


Aaron & I are beyond thrilled with the images! We loved reliving our wedding day through your photos - we laughed, we cried, we drank beer. I know our families will love them too. I think the most amazing thing about your work is how when I look at our photos, so many sensations from our wedding day come rushing back. I can feel my gown blowing in the wind and hear the grass crunching beneath my feet as I approach Aaron for our first look and then feel the rose petals grazing my skin as we exit the ceremony as husband and wife. You have such a gift!You really went above & beyond. We truly feel honored to have had you capture our wedding.  Thanks for everything
 Chrissy and Aaron

Hi Evangeline, 

WE LOVE OUR PICTURES.. Love, like major, full on, heart eyes emoji LOVE. I can't stop going through them. Every time I do, I remember something new or funny or sweet. This album has truly been a ray of sunshine in a particularly stressful time, and we can't thank you enough for being an integral part of our day.
Love, Debbie and Kenny 


We just looked through our photos and LOVED THEM. We are so not photogenic and I was a bit worried after all the "perfect" wedding photos you see from so many wedding blogs and magazines, but you did such a great job capturing us, our family and friends in a way that it looked like us, but elevated. I can't wait to share them with people, thanks again so much! Oddly, my favorite one is of the 6 or so girls on the dance floor, fists raised, belting out whatever jam that was! That one (among a few cute ones of Chris and I) will be framed for sure!I know your gig is over, but I hope to see you again! xx- Jennie and Chris


Our dearest Evangeline: 
Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding We were so happy to have booked you. You were the perfect mix of professionalism and personable. Thank you for your graciousness in listening to my ever little concern and your understanding when I explained specific requests. You did such a great job putting us and our guests at ease, and the result was a series of beautiful memories that captured our day, our guests, and our love.
Love, Elizabeth and Luke