Hey, ladies!

. Let’s be real: branding is everything.


You are a badass lady creative or entrepreneur and you want to set 2019 off to a great start with some new portraits for your social media and website. I am a lover of collaborations, a supporter of community, and a firm believer that we are better together. My 2019 power word is RISE and I want to help you rise up too.

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Let’s do this.

Option 1: Pay what you can
Minimum 20 minute session in agreed upon location. No catch. Everyone deserves some great photos to help boost their business and their confidence.

Option 2: Offer up a trade
I love a good trade. We’ll work together to make sure the trade feels fair and feels good for both of us. Time for photo session will vary greatly dependent on the trade details but will likely be 1-3 hours (or more).


Who is eligible? Anyone who identifies as a woman and is in a creative field or an entrepreneur.

What if I’m camera shy? No worries you are not alone. Just show up to the session open minded and put your trust in me. It will be fun, I promise!

What kind of sessions are available? This is for a branding lifestyle session for your website and social media.

What can I expect from our session together? Depending on how long we are together you can expect 25+ images showing off your amazing personality and brand. Oh and you will gain me as a new friend, obvs.

What if I can’t afford very much? No pressure! There is the suggestion of $150 minimum but you may pay whatever you can afford without judgement.

What are some suggested trades? That depends on what you do or what you have! Feel free to get creative here and think outside the box. For those who don’t have an obvious skill to trade I am a solo mama to a toddler and outfitting a new home so I’m completely open to things that help me out in those areas. My passions outside of photography include design/decor, cooking, and traveling.

Where will the sessions take place? In an agreed upon location that makes sense for your brand.

What should I wear? I’m happy to offer suggestions based on your brand.

Will I be signing an agreement? Absolutely! I am a professional and so are you.

How many applicants are you accepting? I’m currently limiting this to 10 badass ladies based on your story and need buuuuuut I hope to do this on a yearly basis to empower, lift up, and inspire my fellow lady bosses.

Apply here.

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