When you close your eyes and imagine your dream wedding

are you surrounded by your whole community of loved ones looking on?

romantic wanderlust wedding malibu california sunset


Your parents might die if you run away together just the two of you and a wanderlust photographer?

It's cool. I've still got you. I take on a very limited amount of weddings over 50 people for those who are still doing things their way, keeping their wedding deeply personal, but just can’t nix that guest list. We can do tradition, untraditionally, you let me work my magic and play along and I promise you'll be surprised at just how dreamy and free you can feel.

santa barbara wedding nontraditional couple

You love tradition but want to make your own

papaya playa tulum beach destination wedding

Imagine the beaches of Tulum with a gang of your besties and your family sipping margaritas by your side. Or in the backyard of your grandparents house under the tree you read books under every summer.


You can still have a wedding with more than 50 people that is all about you

let me show you how.


I need to hire you now what?

step 1

You’ve stalked me. We’re secretly best friends I just don’t know it yet. Send me an email and we’ll chat about you, your partner and what a dreamy wedding day feels like in your world.

step 2

Get on the calendar. We do the very boring parts of choosing dates, putting down deposits and other nerdy, but necessary logistics

step 3

We get so very dreamy. I love to brainstorm with my couples. One of the best parts of my job is getting to plan the most romantic experiences around with people who are actually in love.

This is where we do all the planning!


step 4

Have a super fun magical experience together while I photograph it! I know what you’re thinking, you’re nervous, what if you don’t know how to have magical fun together with someone watching on?

It’s okay, I’ve got you!
This is literally what I do for a living.

Romance be ready!

step 5

Our time together ends, usually with an epic sunset, or crashing wave, and I leave you two more in love than ever before.


I go work my magic on your images, and they’ll show up in your inbox within 8 weeks later!

la huella jose ignacio beach uruguay destination wedding

As soon as we spoke to you we knew you were 'the one"

You managed to find and capture tender moments shared between us and our friends and family members when we thought no one was looking.

If I had to describe your shooting style I would describe you as a friendly blonde Ninja who must have your own metaphorical Instagram filter because everything you touch looks better than real life.


yosemite valley sunset elopement portraits



Let’s face it, I just spent the most amazing day of your life with you. And then I got to show you just how gorgeous your love is. This means you’ll always have a special place in my soul, near or far.

Thank you for choosing me, my art, my vision for your love.


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All packages include travel fees

Starting at $4000

Passport stamps +road trips for love