What To Expect After Telling Family You’re Eloping

You’ve got what you want to say planned out. You’ve chosen your vendors, you know the location, and you are ready to elope! You’ve rehearsed what you’re going to tell your family and friends, but it’s impossible to predict how they’re going to react. Here are some things you can expect when telling your family and friends you’re eloping: 

1.Questions. Lots of questions. 

It’s natural for your family to ask why they aren’t invited to your elopement. Know they’re asking because they care about you and want to be there to support you. Listen to them, answer as honestly as you can, and speak from your heart about your decision. 

2. Family members asking how they can be involved.

Family members and friends are excited for you and want to be there to help you set up, prepare, and look your best. You can’t blame them – they love you – but you can tell them you’ve chosen an awesome elopement vendor team (hopefully me!) that will thoroughly document the entire day. They’ll capture every moment, even the ones you may forget about, to share with everyone. 

3. Negative backlash. 

Your family cares about you so much that they may not understand why they’re not invited to the most important day of your life. They birthed you, for goodness sakes! It’s natural for them to say some negative, possibly hurtful (but unintentionally hurtful), comments. The comments aren’t a reflection of your choices – it’s a reflection of their sadness in not being present with you for your elopement. You can then refer back to #2 to remind them that you’ll have photos to show them!

4. An itch to back out of eloping.

Your family and friends may guilt you into turning your elopement into a micro wedding which then eventually becomes a full-blown wedding again. Stick your grounds. Trust your gut. If your gut wants you to elope, elope. If your family’s comments and opinions become too much, separate yourself for a brief period of time to allow yourself the space to plan your elopement without feeling guilty. 

Now that you’ve told your family and you’ve masterfully conquered the battle of telling them, it’s time to plan where to elope! Not sure where to go? Check out my guides below for my favorite elopement spots across the country!

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