Hi, I'm Evangeline- an elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I'm a romantic, a perpetual dreamer, and I really really love my job. I prefer cloudy days over bright sunshine and I'm a sucker for that killer dusk light. 

Why I love weddings: I see photographing a wedding like being invited to tell a deeply personal, highly magical and beautiful story with my camera. To me, the beauty is in the little moments, the imperfect moments, the real and honest moments between you and your partner and the community that supports you. It’s about capturing the wide mouthed laughter and the tears, the tender looks of love and anticipation, and importantly the environment that surrounds you.

I've had people tell me that when they look through my work they feel like, even though they don't know them personally, they are looking through a collection of images of a friend's wedding. As if they were there celebrating along side them and cheering them on. That's my goal. To capture the vibe and energy of your day so that when you look back through your images you are transported to those moments and feelings.

Whether you're getting married at your grandparents back yard, eloping at your favorite beach, or gathering your family and friends for a destination wedding- I want to be there alongside you. My couples tend to be laid back and care deeply about keeping their wedding authentic and meaningful. The couples who do what is special for them and trust me to capture it honestly. 

Travel Policy: Check out my travel info page. Hint: I love to travel!

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Being a creative is in my blood. I was raised in a rather unconventional setting surrounded by eclectic artists and musicians listening to stories of my mom riding bareback through the canyons of Los Angeles, hippie days in San Francisco, and recording songs with Neil Young.  I grew up on stage alongside her watching her through her many stages of music from rock n roll and folk and embarrassing me as being the only mom who showed up to parent-teacher conferences wearing tie-dyed MC Hammer pants.  I was taught to value the arts and feed my soul with trips to museums and books about adventure and travel.  Because of this I moved out on my own at the age of 16 and took off exploring the United States living in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and a small artist town in Western Massachusetts all within five years.  I taught myself photography along the way graduating quickly from polaroid and disposable cameras to film and eventually digital. Being self-taught I hit some bumps along the road and had quite a few doors shut in my face but I never gave up on my dream.  I found my way to weddings through chance and during a time when wedding photography was generally cheesy and uninspired. I became obsessed with being part of the movement that changed this and I haven't looked back since.



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When I'm not photographing weddings you can find me roaming the streets of Venice with my baby girl Vivienne or hiking with my fur child: rescue pup Chichi. I'm usually barefooted but I do love an epic pair of heels (for an hour and then those suckers are coming off reeeeal quick)

2018 Wedding Locations
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Hudson Valley
Santa Barbara

2017 Wedding Locations
Los Angeles
Cape Cod

San Diego
Riviera Maya
Palm Springs

2016 Wedding Locations
Las Vegas
Cabo San Lucas
Big Sur
Santa Barbara
Palos Verde
Los Angeles

2015 Wedding Locations:
Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
Playa Carmen
Grafton, Vermont
Los Angeles
Big Sur
Winters, California
Palos Verdes
Paso Robles
San Diego