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there are no rules.

California elopement photographer

What if your wedding felt as intimate and authentic as your favorite adventures together?

Imagine you feel so comfortable you just relax into each other, slow down, and connect.

So you are fully present in the moment trusting me to capture the in between, the truly magical photos that have you saying “this is us”


Have a wedding with #noregrets

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Celebrate the life you’ve built together in the most meaningful way to you

surrounded by the awe inspiring beauty of the great outdoors. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

let's plan your experience

Hey, I'm Evangeline

"a little bit Alexis" elopement photographer

A California elopement photographer traveling across the country and world all in the name of love.

Look, I've always wandered my own path making choices that weren't the norm and no one would describe me as traditional in any way. I don't fit into a box and you (and your wedding) don't have to either.

If you're looking for an expert at following your heart, a rule breaker, a hype person to help guide and support you on your own nontraditional wedding journey then I'm 100% your girl.

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Kind Words

It's not an overstatement to say that hiring Evangeline for our elopement was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

She both fostered the magic and captured it, beautifully. I have never been one to dream of my wedding day...Evangeline helped us reframe that, and treat the day as the special thing that it is. She picked up on our preferences, our vibe, what we were comfortable with. She put in so much time and effort planning and executing what turned out to be the best day in history. Evangeline was our photographer, our officiant, our elopement coordinator/planner, and our guru. She is truly something special!

- Christy + Evan

My Mission Statement

I strongly believe that everyone has an equal right to marry their partner

Love is love.

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The quiet moments are where your story unfolds.

Quick Guide

Ditch traditions

do what you want.

We all want to truly live to the fullest not merely just exist so let's plan a celebration that's an experience you'll never regret.

Let's explore your interests and love languages and discover what a personal and meaningful day looks like in your world. Add a touch more adventure or keep it super casual- like your best date, ever. Not sure where to start? I have a guide for you.

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Deep breaths, I've got this.

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