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2022 Travel Schedule so far

sunrise mountains in colorado

I'm a destination elopement photographer always traveling around Big Sur and up and down California, The East Coast like Acadia National Park, and as well as to destinations abroad.

Join me in one of the locations I'll already be for your destination elopement or adventure session! Don't see your location or want help finding a special one? Reach out to me.

pnw waterfall with couple eloping

Portugal + EU

Feb + March

April + May

England + Scotland

Los Angeles, Acadia, Big Sur



Big Sur + Santa Cruz


Cape Cod


Maine + Vermont


Stay tuned...


What if the national park or area gets shut down due to a natural disaster or Covid?

We're planning our elopement but nervous about picking a date. How can you help?

Covid related questions:

I've got you covered! We discuss this possibility during the planning process and I come up with backup options for close-by alternatives that are pre-approved by you so nothing is a surprise should a worse-case scenario arise.

Great question. If you're interested in working together but your date isn't firm, no retainer or

agreement will be required until you and your partner are confident about your elopement month (exact date can come later!). I'm also offering flexible payment schedules to hopefully ease some financial stress. If you have to reschedule due to COVID-19, my policies are flexible and generous.

What's your editing style?

We want an adventurous elopement but we don't want to hike for a long distance is that okay?

General questions:

Yes of course, "adventure” is a relative term. We'll work together to figure out a day that's perfectly you. I know plenty of places that offer a big payoff (epic views) for little effort.

Thand edit every image to highlight the natural beauty of your surroundings. I think of my style as organic, romantic, and emotional with deep and rich tones with a strong emphasis on environment

What's your travel process and how do you scout locations that you haven't been to?

How did you get into photographing elopements?

I've never been a big wedding photographer and almost exclusively photographed weddings outdoors for 6 years but about 4 years ago there started a natural progression towards smaller more intimate weddings after going through some hard personal times. I found healing through hiking and nature and realized I just wanted to spend all of my time in the outdoors! It's where my soul comes alive. I just feel so fulfilled in every way. It's truly a gift to be able to do this for a living.

Because I have almost 10 years experience photographing destination weddings my process is very smooth and streamlined. As soon as you book me I do extensive location research through Google, travel magazines, and groups I'm part of. This is a HUGE part of what I do for you. I then secure my flights, Airbnb, and car rental. I arrive 2-3 days in advance of your wedding and scout the location in person. When it's time for your wedding day I'll be your expert. You're not expected to do anything but show up and get married!

What about bad weather?

Do you give back?

There's no such thing as bad weather in my opinion! A little rain or fog only adds to the beauty of your experience. Dangerous weather, however, is a different story. We'll either change locations or reschedule if we absolutely must.

YES. I donate throughout the year to rotating causes such as helping fight Climate Change, Black lives matter, helping single mothers and others. If you know a great cause please send it my way!

Where have you photographed so far?

Is it true that you're an officiant too?

Big Sur, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Petaluma, Malibu, Chicago, Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite National Park, Cape Cod, Catskills, Vermont, Brooklyn, Uruguay, San Miguel de Allende, Tulum, Cabo, Playa del Carmen and beyond.

Everyone looks so relaxed and comfortable but I'm a little camera shy...

You're not alone in your concern almost all of my clients worry about this. Our relationship is built on trust and I promise you'll feel relaxed and calm (and have epic photos to show for it).

Yes it's true! If you want to keep it simple with just you and your partner and basically self-solemnize then I can legally marry you in all 50 states! If you want more of a guided experience then I'm happy to suggest amazing and mindful officiants for you.

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