Anything but ordinary elopement packages

for couples who want to do things a little differently

You deserve a wedding experience that focuses on the two of you. A day that feels intimate and laid-back filled with meaningful adventures.

reimagine your wedding day

and follow your heart

I have a secret. Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be. No pressure, relaxed and laid-back, just the two of you (or with some guests) enjoying what you love most with whom you love the most. These aren't traditional elopement packages they are custom created just for you two because no one should feel like they are doing things just because that's "what people do" on their wedding day. Nope, you deserve so much more than that.

you don't want your wedding to feel like a production-i get it

you deserve an experience

that truly celebrates your journey and commitment

Your wedding day can be designed with intention and authenticity. Some of my couples have chosen to summit a mountain while others want a short hike with a big payoff. Watching the sunset with a trail beer is always encouraged while others prefer to watch the sunrise with a pour over at a remote beach and speak their vows with toes in the sand. The most important aspect is keeping it true to what you love and reflective of your relationship. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.

the beauty of elopements is no two are the same




How I work:

3 core beliefs

Each client is a partner. My style is based around the belief that it's wildly important we build a relationship where you feel supported so you can relax and just connect with your love. You can expect an experience that empowers you to make choices based on your shared values and interests while I capture the unposed quiet moments that leave you feeling seen.

Live for the now

Trust & Transparency

Expert guidance

Follow your f*ck yes!

with open communication

i'm here for you

I believe eloping is the BEST way to get married!

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Hey, I'm Evangeline

Your photographer and expert guide

Nature lover, traveler, and your new bff with 10 years of experience photographing couples.

Kind words

"You really made the day special. You're completely magic!"

"Our day was better than anything we could have imagined!"

"We're so blown away by the beauty and emotion you captured!!"




Let's throw wood on your fire.

my style and approach

Every person and each relationship is different and there's no “right" way to be a couple. You laugh and love and express emotion in your own unique way. I'll never ask you to do something that is uncomfortable and doesn't feel like you. Instead I spend time getting to know your vibe and love languages so you can relax into each other.

I'll emphasize whatever type of fire you light and then I'll throw some extra wood on it.

Your Experience

4 ways i'm so much more than just a photographer


Your new adventure buddy

We spend time getting to know each other through questionnaires and video chats so I can learn about who you are as a couple. Your interests and quirks and the love languages you use to connect so you feel comfortable with me.


support & empowerment

I'm here to support you and make eloping as easy as possible. I'll always guide you along the way and empower you to to dream BIG and make decisions based on your heart.


Custom planning & guides

Most people haven't done this before. I support you with location scouting & guides with hidden gems, permit assistance, vetted vendor rec's, timelines, an exclusive guide with secrets to making your day extra special and authentic.


photos that capture you

By the time we get to your celebration you'll feel comfortable being your most authentic selves and your photos will reflect that. I hand edit every image to highlight the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Yes, I want this experience!

Fun fact: I'm ordained!

This means I can legally sign your marriage license if you want your vows (or another ritual) to be what marries you. I also know magical celebrants if you want a one of a kind ceremony experience.

Why you deserve full day coverage

Listen, eloping is a big deal. A once-in-a-lifetime- and completely unique celebration of the life you've built together. This isn't just a day it's a whole experience.

Have the freedom to let the day flow naturally

More time to relax and fully absorb your day

The ability to literally create your DREAM day

Elopement Packages

elopements & small


adventurous Sessions

Starting At:

Starting At:


Together we reimagine what your day feels like and plan an adventurous and meaningful laid back experience with intention.


Let’s explore somewhere beautiful together. These are great for milestones, engagements, or just because you want some epic photos.

Starting at 4+ hours of coverage

Unlimited planning assistance

2+ hours

Online gallery of your hand-edited images

Location scouting + timeline

Access to my exclusive 80 page elopement planning guide

Location scouting

All travel included

Online gallery of your hand-edited images

Vendor recommendations

All travel included

get in touch to learn more

get in touch to learn more


hierloom albums

Your wedding album is part of your legacy.

There's something magical and powerful about print. Being able to touch an album, run over the image with your fingertips, and flip through the pages with your loved ones deepens your memory to your wedding day. For you and for future generations it's a way to connect to the past. This is why I include album credit in some of my elopement packages.

What clients are saying

I couldn't imagine having any other photographer capture our wedding day! Evangeline was the first vendor we confirmed and she was kind and patient in helping us navigate the wedding planning process. She gave us advice, connected us with vendors, and when the pandemic unfolded she stood right there with us and helped put together a whole new plan. We are so grateful to Evangeline for all of the help and care she put into our day. I highly recommend working with her - especially if you are looking for an intimate, intentional, and unforgettable experience.

If you’re looking to do an adventure elopement, look no further. Evangeline really listens to what you want, how you wanna do it, and makes it happen. She helps you select locations, she offers guidance on vendors you may need, and she helps you organize and plan every aspect of your day even leading up to it. She was also able to be very flexible. We had our entire day mapped out but the night before due to snow conditions we had to change the entire day and she was able to accommodate it seamlessly! If I had close my eyes and imagined it it’s exactly what we experienced.

What we didn’t know at the time of booking was that we were getting not only an incredible photographer but also a wedding planner, counselor, and coach! Initially we had a loose idea of what our wedding day would look like but Evangeline gave us so many ideas to make our day truly unforgettable. She gave us the extra push of confidence on the decisions we weren’t sure about and made sure that we were equipped and ready for the adventure. We loved how laid back she was and she made us feel completely at ease before we even met in person.

— Jessa

— Erin

— Helen

Big Sur — California

High Peaks — Adirondacks

Williamsburg — Vermont

Have questions?

Can we have an adventure elopement with a big hike?

How many hours of coverage do we need?

Absolutely! A lot of my clients want "big payoffs" with minimal effort. During the planning process I can guide you towards shorter hikes, auto roads, and areas that have amazing pull off spots!

This is so personal and varies so much I suggest hopping on a call with me and I'll be happy to listen to your vision and give you my best suggestion.

Can we bring our dog to our elopement?

What happens if it's bad weather?

Hell yes you can! I LOVE dogs and have a fur child myself. Her name is Chichi. We'll just need to go to dog-friendly trails and areas.

I really don't think there is such a thing as bad weather! Rain or shine we'll make sure your elopement is beautiful and meaningful. Dangerous weather is another story, however.

How far in advance should we book you?

We don't know where we want to elope can you help?

I always say, as soon as you know you want to work with me! Clients typically book 3-12 months in advance depending on the season. I take on a max of 20 elopements each year so I can focus on giving the best experience.

I'd love to! A lot of my clients come to me with a rough idea of what they want and look to me to help. Through my process and questionnaires I'm able to narrow down areas that will be perfect for you.

I'm ready, let's do this!

Travel Dates

Below you’ll find my travel schedule for the upcoming months. I update it as often as possible and it’s always changing.


Jan, 2021

feb, 2021

Adirondacks + White Mountains

los angeles

may, 2021

cape cod+vermont+catskills


Let's chat about your elopement!

want to meet me at one of these dreamy locations?

aug, 2021

carmel + big sur



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