Are you thinking about eloping in Kauai? There are so many beautiful islands in Hawaii but if you love adventure and a laid-back chill vibe then Kauai is for you.

Kauai completely surprised me with its beauty. I didn’t feel the need to plan a lot of activities when I visited I just went with the flow, did some epic hikes, snorkeled a bit if I felt like it and found my Aloha….every single day.

1–Getting around the island

Kauai, the garden state, is an insanely lush and small green island that you can drive around in about 2.5 or so hours depending on traffic. There is basically one road that takes you around the whole thing, okay well not the whole thing as you can’t drive through the Nā Pali Coast(more on that later), so keep this in mind when you’re getting back to the airport or anywhere you need to be on time. We did not plan this well and ended up getting a little stressed trying to catch our flight home because we were so blissed out that the thought of traffic on one road didn’t even cross our minds. Oops!

2. Where to Stay

The Palmwood
I can’t remember how I stumbled across the Palmwood but it was likely in an Instagram rabbit hole desperately trying to find a place to stay that was private, beautiful, and charming on an island that mostly has large resorts. I couldn’t recommend the Palmwood enough for the perfect place to stay during your Kauai elopement or intimate wedding. With only three rooms set in a large house on multiple acres, it manages to feel both grandiose and private at the same time. Each room is decorated beautifully with sweet little local touches such as Kauai made lotions, soaps, and shampoo. Our room had a beautiful outdoor shower so we didn’t set foot inside our indoor one once! Each morning our host Edi whipped up the most incredible breakfast which was hands down the best food we had on the island and we would wake up excited about what we were going to be served next. I think it would be the perfect spot to have as your home base during your intimate wedding or elopement. If you’re heading to Kauai for your elopement you must stay at The Palmwood.

3. Where to elope in Kauai

Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon is the perfect location to elope in Kauai for those who want epic views without having to do much hiking. It’s located on the other side of the island and because you can’t drive through the Nā Pali Coast you must drive all around Kauai in order to get there from the North Shore. Once there the views are epic and it makes total sense that it’s called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific because, well, it totally looks like it right? We hiked a few miles below the rim and swam in a crispy cold waterfall. It ended up taking us 2 hours to get back (with traffic) but that’s okay because we were able to stop at The Fresh Shave. I had been following them for months on Instagram in anxious anticipation of mounds and mounds of fluffy shave ice. Side note: we ate shave ice every single day we were there. We justified this by sharing one which made me feel better but next time I’m NOT sharing, nope. Just too good.

Queens Bath
A beautiful natural tide pool in the middle of volcanic rocks that are constantly being refreshed by waves from the ocean. Too dangerous to go to during the winter months but safe in the summer. It can be super crowded so this would be best suited for a sunrise elopement in Kauai only. Regardless its a must-see!

—Nā Pali Coast
The crazy beautiful, perfect coastline of the North Shore of Kauai and home to the famous Hanakapi’ai Beach trail which is a roughly 8-mile roundtrip hike but takes most people 8 hours each way. To me, this is the best choice for an adventurous elopement in Kuaui for those who love hiking and are willing to sweat a little (okay maybe a lot) before they say their vows. Don’t worry we’ll bring plenty of water and backpacks to change into your wedding gear after we find the best spot.

Hanalei Bay Pier
Do you dream of eloping on a boat in the middle of the ocean? Hanalei Bay is the perfect location to rent a sailboat and say your vows on the sea. Doing so at sunset is a must because the sunsets on Kauai are absolutely magical.

So there you have it! 3 tips for planning an adventurous elopement on Kauai! You really can’t go wrong wherever you choose to elope on that island. It’s truly magical! If you’re looking for a photographer I would love to be there with you!

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